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Karnasapatham – A Kathakali Play

Acclaimed as the most outstanding work of the century in this genre. Karnasapatham has been well praised for its one-act-play style of narration, and has been performed almost 20,000 times. Through 'Karnasapatham,’ Mali introduced ragas hitherto not used in Kathakali. All 33 padams in Karnasapatham are composed in different ragas. Mali’s prime objective in crafting the play was to make Kathakali reach the common man.

Karnasapatham was televised by Doordarshan Madras and Trivandrum, and also choreographed and presented in the Bharatanatyam style by Kalakshetra, Madras.

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The play focuses on Karna’s dilemma on the eve of the Mahabharatha War when he knows he is actually the eldest...


Every year, since 2008, Mali Foundation conducts an event, Malifest, to commemorate the birth anniversary...