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Mali is best known as a writer of children’s literature. He wrote with a deep sense of responsibility and a vivid, child-like imagination. His style is distinct, simple and beautiful. His stories have universal appeal and his writing stands the test of time.

About Mali Foundation

Mali Foundation aims to promote excellence in all fields including literature, sports, art and culture. We aim to promote and recognize outstanding artistes and performers in various fields.The objective of the Foundation is to uphold the values and traditions enshrined in our ancient heritage as expressed in Mali’s works.

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മണ്ടക്കഴുത, നിധികാക്കുന്ന ഭൂതം, സംഗീതസ്വാമി, പല്ലടിയന്തരം, തവള കുയിലായി, ഉറങ്ങാത്ത രാജാവ്‌


The play focuses on Karna’s dilemma on the eve of the Mahabharatha War when he knows he is actually the eldest...


Every year, since 2008, Mali Foundation conducts an event, Malifest, to commemorate the birth anniversary...